Friday night and my first gig at The Black Heart kicks off.  Manager Josh has a quick chat with me but it was more of a “hey, whats up” which is brilliant, immediately put me at ease.  Gotta say, sipping on a Rook & Vuur helped me to get set as well!

It kicked off with the Griswalds who had energy to burn, spitting out their fun lyrics and keeping the pace up.  When Teenage Casket Company came on I had to take out the camera, set it up  and get going.  Carrying on from Griswalds TCC kept the energy up.  Dead Identities came on afterwards and besides a slight technical hiccup with a amp lead it all went great.

I was sweating like a mad man up there!  What was in those lights!?!?

Luckily neither Josh the manager or the bands were against me using flash so I got away with a few flash shots.  When the flash wasn’t on I was shooting on my 5D at 1/125, f2.8, ISO 4000 – in retrospect I should’ve slowed the shutter speed a little as the guys weren’t jumping around too much so I could bring the ISO down a bit.  I used my 16-35 f2.8L for the whole gig which allowed me to get those really nice wide shots at 16mm then taking it to 35mm I’d get a little closer so I could get some nice portraits.

All in all it was a fun night, thanks to Josh from The Black Heart and all the bands!  I’m ready for more!