Sometimes a little treat arrives on my desk, that little treat for me last week was four tickets to go see two of the greatest rock legends play at the same show as they toured.  I’m referring to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, the alternative rockers who gave me so much head banging joy in the late 90’s with Beautiful People and Dragula respectively.

Night started off great meeting up with some mates but it soon felt like it could all go wrong when my girlfriend said with surprise (and a little nervy tension) “I never knew it was called the ‘Twins of Evil Tour’!!!”.  Baring in mind the only ‘mosh pit’ she had ever been close to was five rows back at a Rihanna concert.  As it turns out…she loved it and was rocking like a re-born metal head.

I missed the starting DJ act as the beer and jäger bombs in the bar outside the O2 arena were going down far too well.  We got in there as the curtain was lifting for Marilyn Manson. This was great! This was who I came to see!  There was screaming, there was smoke and there were some great hits but I didn’t feel like I saw much of a showman up there on stage.  Marilyn Manson walked around quite lackluster and he didn’t have much to say to the audience…maybe he was tired or maybe he’s just getting a little on a bit.  More than likely, he was getting exhausted from the costume changes he was doing between each song.  To be honest, he didn’t really sing that great and the band wasn’t mind blowing…I felt kinda let down somehow.

A little disappointed with Marilyn, we headed off for drinks and toilet breaks.  Then…then Rob Zombie came on and I was blown away.  I had always been a little perplexed as to why Rob Zombie was headlining and Marilyn Manson was on first but now it all made sense.  There was flame, smoke, video screens and most importantly…the most energetic 47 year old man I have ever seen.  When he wasn’t dancing with 20 foot Mechanical monsters he was jumping from speaker box to stage and then back again.  He danced like a Zombie possessed and when ‘Living Dead Girl’ came on everyone went just a little bit nuts…even my newly converted rock minion of hell girlfriend.  It was what I had been un-expectantly waiting for.  A proper good flashback to my younger days and the excitement that everyone should feel when music like this, takes you there.  Thanks Rob.