The weather in February here in winter has been strange. 6 to 12 degrees is warm for this time of year but the clear skies and warm temperatures have lent themselves to staring at the stars.  I was lucky to grab this image because as I got comfortable the willowy wisp of thin cloud began to edge its way over the face of the moon.

I had my Canon 5D Mark II set at 20oth of second (at such a far zoom I was getting shake from the tripod or the mirror movement), ISO was at 200 and I was wide open at f2.8 but this was converted into f5.6 because I had the canon 2x converter on my canon 70 – 200 f2.8 and although it doubles your focal length, it also halves you aperture.  So, if you’re using a cheaper lens that only goes down to  f4 or f5.6 you will end up with you lowest f-stop being f8 or f11.2 (f11) respectively.

Really need to wait for a full moon to get a better shot, need that moon to seem as big as can be (and bright as can be) to really get a great shot…although…first attempt was not that bad if I do say so myself.