A walk in the woods on a work day.

It was Alastair Humphreys who pushed forward the idea of the ‘Microadventure’, a localised break from your work week in which you use your ‘5-9’ time to explore your nearby countryside. For the adventurous it’s a welcomed alternative to another night of BBC news and TOWIE, its now a timeframe to explore.

The idea is that most of us have a 9-5 where we have a very valid reason not to be off on round the world adventures but we do have our 5-9. So, how can we fill that time? How can we fulfil that time with something meaningful? Alastair’s solution is to pack a bag of essentials and after work get onto a train and head for the countryside. A bit of research in where you’re headed makes it easier but you could essentially pick a remote town and go for it, if you find a field or hill with a flat top then you’re set. Try get off the beaten path to get that ‘back in nature’ feeling. Having joggers coming past while you try setup your camp area can ruin the spirit of the adventure and make you feel a little awkward!

This time of year is great with longer evenings and warmer temperatures but having a good sleeping bag and some backup warmer clothing, even if its just a hoody helps out, you’d be surprised how much cooler it can get in the evenings when you move outside of London’s ‘smog dome’. Be prepared for an early wake up! 5am is round about the time the sun comes up in summer but having a good coffee and a breakfast gets you started. If, like us, you find a few wild plums then you can even get some natural sugars in to start the day, just don’t eat anything if you’re not sure what it is!

So, get out there, enjoy our beautiful island and your 5-9.