Friday 8th August 2014 and he line wrapped around the London Brixton Academy. The power of Blink 182’s fan base showing with the crowd varying in age from 12 to 50.  The hot and humid London evening was pulsing with energy and anticipation for the return of one of punk rocks greatest and most beloved group of pranksters.

The youthful 5 piece, Neck Deep, started it off with hard, heavy and fast punk rock getting the crowd pumped up for Blink. Their energy got the somewhat sweaty full house eventually tapping their toes which, after about two songs, spread into raised arms and jumping. A brief interlude in the form of a balad with guest female singer slowed it down for a bit but only enough to let the crowd catch their breath. It didn’t take long after that to get energy levels at a high, crowd craving more…press play for the main act.

Blink started it off with Travis ‘I make Angels weep with drumsticks’ Barker stepping up onto his raised platform and getting comfy amongst his kit and starting off the beat.  The roar got progressively louder as Mark Hoppus stepped into the light and then Tom DeLonge.  The hits didn’t stop with the likes of Whats my age again? and The Rock Show keeping the pace going, only slowing down a little to play Miss You which is a huge hit but also shows the range that Blink 182 actually do have.  Hoppus and DeLonge took breaks in between tracks to chat and throw out a few jokes, the good chemistry showing between the trio, nothing but smiles and laughter and even some World War 1 historical teachings from Hoppus.  The encore brought up large flaming ‘F*CK’ to bring an end to it all with a few more hits just for fun.  Once they were done, the stage filled with the kids of artists and friends as they threw out drumsticks and plectrums to the crowd.  Hoppus stepped up to Barker’s drumkit to have a go and drum out the farewell.

The Brixton Academy’s 100ft ceiling dripping with sweat, the crowd slipped out the doors, every single one a smile on their face.